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Our experienced and committed team love to work with kids, adults…everyone!!!

All professionals at J. Rivas Dental maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the dentistry field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

Our entire J. Rivas Dental team is graduated from different careers in the dentistry field and have been working in a dental office for a minimum of 4 years and the maximum of 25 years. All along these years most members of our team have obtained Anesthesia certification, Expanded Duties and X-ray certifications in the State of Florida. As well, our team is fully certified as First Aid/CPR/AED, HIPPA, OSHA and more.

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Dr. Jaramillo Rivas, D.D.S.

General Dentist

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Jaramillo Rivas graduated as a General Dentist in 1993 abroad where she was awarded with valedictorian of her school, reason for she was accepted as Orthodontic specialist’s student straight out.

In 1997, Dr. Jaramillo graduated abroad as an Orthodontist Specialist. After many years of continually working and gathering experience professionals in both, Ortho and General Dentistry, in 2004 she was relocated in Venezuela where for first time she opened her dental office. While practicing as Ortho and General Dentist in her office, she broadened her experience in other fields of dentistry, as endo, implant, crown & bridges, etc. Upon arriving to U.S., Dr. Jaramillo continued her carrier in New York University, NYU, where she graduated in 2012 as D.D.S. (Doctor in Dental Surgery)

Since 2012 Dr. Jaramillo have been working as a General Dentist. In December of 2016, Dr. Jaramillo established her own dental practice in United States and it named J.Rivas Dental. Dr. Jaramillo's goal is that her service along with J.Rivas Dental friendly and caring team goes above and beyond to deliver a high-quality, patient- focused dental experience that will exceed patient’s expectations.

  • More than 28 years experience
  • Experienced on early orthodontic treatments
  • Dedicated experience with children and adults
  • Awarded with valedictorian

Meet Our Team

All professionals at J. Rivas Dental maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the dental field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

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Ms. Tannia Jaramillo

Floor Supervisor
Abroad college graduated in 1991. Continued education is US in the field of dentistry. Certified Dental Assistant in the state of Florida in 2018. Certified and Licensed in FL as Dental Radiographer. At the beginning, when I chose dentistry, I were just looking to a job with opportunities, I did not know how dentistry would change my life forever. Today, I love my career because it gives the opportunity to help people in need. The most I enjoy of my job is the final outcome of patient treatment, a beautiful smile.
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Mr. Roger Rivas

Graduate abroad, college degree in 1990. Continue my studies in US. Graduated in college as Management A.A.S. Working in a dental office has given a positive turn to my career. In dentistry, management surpass any other knowledge you had acquired during your career; I had to have several trainings to fit in this position in addition to my experience as a Manager in other fields. What I love of my job is that is constantly changing, I have new challenges coming every week.
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Ms. Yadira Leon

Front desk
Abroad graduated as an accountant in 2003. Gets to know the beauty of dentistry through my sister who is a dentist. I decided to give a try to my accounting knowledge background into dentistry. I have been working in a dental front desk doing billing and scheduling patients’ appointment since 2018. It has been a marvelous experience with a lot of challenges that had broad immensely my experience on a dental field.

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Mr. Fernando Herrera

Dental Assistant
Graduated abroad as a Dentist in 2014. Since I was a kid, I was passionate for dentistry, I remember when hygienist do a prophy to me it gives tickles. Once I arrived at US, I chose to continue my education on the same field. I graduated as a Dental Assistant in the stated of Florida in 2019. I enjoy working with children and adults in restoring their oral health. What I love most of my career is to transform the life of the patient we take care of.
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  • yoursmilecare@jrivasdental.com

Ms. Viti Quirch

Hygienist (RDH)
Graduated abroad as a dentist in 1985. Graduate as Dental Hygienist in 2002 in Florida, and Anesthesia Licensed in the state of Florida. I adored having the opportunity of servicing as a dentist for 15 years back in my country, and happily spend another 19 years of experience in the beautiful profession of Hygienist in US. I plenty enjoy my career. I love helping patients having healthier teeth and brighter smile, and educating children and adults on getting a better approach to their oral help.

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