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World Class Equipments

These are some of our most relevant and modern equipments

  • Intraoral Scanner
  • CAD-CAM Cerec One-Visit Crowns
  • Teeth Whitening with LED Light
  • Dental Lasers
  • Endodontic Systems

Intraoral Scanner

Prime Scan from Cerec has the ability to take such professional-looking photos has come a long way – just think about how cell phone camera technology has evolved over the years. In dentistry, photographs play a very important role on our doctor finding when evaluating patients. It is quick, painless and can assist when it comes to Invisalign, dentures, crowns, or any other restorative dental needs. It can even show patients how their teeth will look after any dental procedure you may be having.

CAD-CAM Cerec One-Visit Crowns

Typically, getting a crown can be a few weeks process with multiple trips to the dental office, but with Cerec one-visit crowns, your time is spent much more efficiently.

CEREC crowns have some nice benefits. As an alternative of the typical impression, digital impressions are taken to create a crown that usually only takes a few hours to make in the office.

  • A tooth that looks much more natural
  • They are stronger and lasting, as well
  • It virtually eliminated the time patients spend at the doctor, those trips back and forth, and improve results is certainly a win-win

Teeth Whitening with LED Light

There are lots of teeth whitening options out there. Patients may find may options on either over the counter or professional teeth whitening products.

Teeth whitening with our Zoom LED teeth whitening procedure eliminates the need for kits with hydrogen peroxide, potentially painful and inconsistent results. Due to the excellent results of LED teeth whitening, both at-home and professional use will increase in the coming years.

Dental Laser Surgeries

Laser dentistry is a very exciting area of development in dental technologies. Lasers use light energy as their method of operation, resulting in a shortened and almost painless healing period. Lasers are used to improve efficiency and eliminate discomfort in a number of dental procedures, including cavity detection and treatment, reducing tooth sensitivity, treatment of benign tumors, cold sores, gummy smile changes, crown lengthening, and teeth whitening. The laser can act differently depending on the procedure performed:

  • When a laser is used for a surgical procedure or a cavity preparation, it acts as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes in contact with
  • When a laser is used for cavity detection, the decayed teeth glow when exposed to the wavelength of the diode laser, resulting in higher readings on the display compared to healthy teeth
  • When a laser is used for "curing" a filling, it helps to strengthen the bond between the filling and the tooth

Endodontic Systems

Root canal therapy implies a series of procedures that aim to shape, clean and decontaminate all the root canals of the infected tooth. If the root canal was performed using the traditional method, all the operations were executed manually, using a variable number of endodontic files.

However, in modern Endodontics, a wide variety of electronic endodontic systems are available to help the dentist. These systems have the advantage of monitoring the root canal before, during and after instrumentation, hence greatly increasing the accuracy and safety.

The root canals are measured using the electronic apex locator. The apex locator is an electronic device used to determine the position of the apical foramen and thus determine the length of the root canal space. The position of the files and information about the length and shape of root canals appear on a screen that is attached to the device.

Same Day Crown

New Technologies and Advanced Equipments